SizeGenetics Is The No 1 Solution For Getting A Larger Penis !


Size Genetics is the No  1 solution for getting a larger penis!

In the years since Size Genetics traction device has become available, its name has become synonymous with results. This is no surprise since already thousands of men have increased their penis size with Size Genetics. You too can get a bigger penis – it is completely safe, easy, and risk-free with a money-back guarantee!

The way that Size Genetics works is the proven system of traction.

The Size Genetics device simply goes over your penis and creates a slight outward pull. Just like when you lift weights, the traction device will create microscopic tears in your penis. These tears get filled in with new cell growth and your penis gets bigger! This system is so reliable that Size Genetics users average gains of 29% in length and 19% in girth! The science behind the Size Genetics design is so flawless that an impressive 87% of users get results!

There are other methods of penis enlargement available:

surgery, pills, pumps…When you compare these methods to Size Genetics though, you will see that Size Genetics is the best option for getting a larger penis. Only penis extension will give you permanent gains without invasive surgery. You will get a bigger flaccid penis and bigger erections. Many men notice obvious results within just a couple weeks!

We encourage you to do research about penis extension and Size Genetics.

Not only is penis extension the safest, most effective method of penis enlargement available, but it is the method which gives the best results. Compared to all the other cheap penis extenders out there, Size Genetics promises quality and results. After 16 years in the business, Size Genetics knows what men want and need! They have made sure that their penis enlargement device is easy to wear, incredibly comfortable, and gives the maximum results. You can even wear the Size Genetics device while out in public. It is so discreet that no one will realize you are getting a larger penis while grocery shopping or walking your dog!

With Size Genetics, you will get much more than a larger penis; you will also experience improved confidence and sexual adequacy. Of course, having a larger penis isn’t everything to being a confident man and great lover – but it sure helps! To make sure that you are getting a full approach to sexual adequacy, Size Genetics has included valuable bonuses with your order. You will receive exclusive access to LoveCentria and PenisHealth – websites which give you sex tips, exercises for delaying orgasm, and much more.

you can become more of a man easily and quickly. Best of all, it is guaranteed!

Size Genetics is the name of the leading penis extender in the world.

Penis extenders, also called traction devices or penis stretchers, are the only method of permanent, non-surgical penis enlargement available!To get a larger penis will Size Genetics, you just need to wear the extender device on your penis for a few hours daily. Over time, your penis will become increasingly larger. It usually takes about 6 months to experience the best gains. With penis extension, all gains are permanent!

Even though penis extension has only recently become popular, it has actually been around for centuries. Anthropologists discovered that ancient cultures in Africa would use a primitive method of extension to give themselves larger penises. Usually around puberty, the men would attach weights to their penis. Over the course of months to years, their penises would become massive in size. Aside from penises, extension has been used on other body parts too, especially ears and necks.

In the 1980s, medical specialists got interested in penis extension.

They first focused on making the devices for correcting Peyronie’s disease – a condition in which the penis has a severe curve to it and makes sex painful or impossible. The men using penis extenders for Peyronie’s not only had their penises straightened, but they also experienced a very interesting side effect: their penises got bigger!

After seeing the enhancement possibilities of penis extenders, scientists finally got to work on studying penis enlargement. The ego-centric Italians pioneered the way with several studies. While the results of the studies varied, all of them showed the same thing: penis extension can give you a bigger penis!

SizeGenetics was created based on the results of these numerous clinical studies.

The Size Genetics researchers analyzed the studies to find out which amount of pressure worked best and how many hours of use per day were necessary to get quick, safe results. Then, they conducted their own studies to see how well their penis extender worked. You can bet the men in the study were happy that they had signed up! After 6 months of wearing the device several hours per day, the men experienced gains on average of over an inch in length and another inch girth!

The original SizeGenetics device was released in 1998.

In the years since this first Size Genetics extender hit the market, thousands of men have successfully gotten a larger penis through extension. There have been many medical breakthroughs since then and Size Genetics has responded accordingly. The new Size Genetics design has optimal traction adjustment, is even easier to use, fits all sizes of men, and has a unique comfort system.

When you use Size Genetics, you are getting the best that medical technology has to offer. Size Genetics is certified as a medical device and made in medical manufacturing laboratories to ensure you are getting the best quality device for the best results!


Let’s be honest. Every guy on the face of the planet, or at least 98% of guys on the face of this planet wouldn’t mind gaining a few inches in the penis department. We may pretend that we do not care and that we are perfectly satisfied with the size of our organ, but the simple fact is that the vast majority of us would love to have a few more inches, or at least an inch down there where it matters.


Women may claim that they do not care about the size of the penis, but we all know that they are only telling this to make us feel better. There is not a woman that is not more aroused when she sees a bigger penis. It is a simple animal response and it is perfectly natural. Luckily for us, there is now a product that can actually give us that inch or two and that can definitely increase the size of our penis. This product is called SizeGenetics.


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SizeGenetics is a medical device that is used for enlarging the penis. It consists of a ring that is put on the glans of the penis, a base that is put in place by a comfortable belt and two rods . This is the keyword when SizeGenetics is in question- traction. Namely, it has been scientifically proven that the only safe and efficient way to increase the size of the penis is through extensive stretching.

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