If you have heard about the ProExtender System, either from a friend who has been using it and has told you of how it has improved his sex life, or you have read about it somewhere on the Internet, or seen an ad somewhere, you are probably quite intrigued by the promises that this system makes. So, just what is ProExtender System and how can it help you to become better in bed?

Most people have heard about the ProExtender device. This penis enlargement device is today one of the most popular tools used by men who are looking for a way to increase the size of their sex organ. This is a very effective device that is strapped around your penis and as it sits there, it continuously applies a small traction force on it, aka, it is “pulling it” little by little. This is not something that you will feel as uncomfortable or painful, but it is very effective nevertheless as your body will have to continually adapt to the situation by expanding the cells in the penis. As a result, you will your penis will increase in both length and in girth after a few weeks.


However, what many people forget is that the ProExtender System also includes two very good natural supplements and the CD with exercises, “For Men Only”. So, let’s take a look at these 3 as well.


The first supplement is called VigRX. This is a male sex enhancement pill and it comes with a 30-day supply with the whole ProExtender System. It is used to improve the quality of your erections, your sexual stamina and vigor and more.

The second supplement are the Semenax pills, which are used to increase the quantity of the semen that you can ejaculate during orgasm. This will also improve the quality of the semen and, therefore the male fertility. It also comes in a 30-day supply.


Finally, the ProExtender System also includes a special CD, “For Men Only”. This CD comes with a large selection of  exercises for increasing the size of your penis and some more advice on how you can improve your overall sex life.


There are a number of websites from where you can order the ProExtender, but you need to be careful, as most of them offer only the device. The ProExtender penis enlargement device indeed is the most important part of the whole system, but it wouldn’t be called a “system” if it didn’t include the other components. The best results can only be achieved if you use the two supplements as well as do the regular exercises, as they are shown in the CD. Normally, in order to see the full benefits, you’ll need to use this system for at least 4-5 weeks.

Bot the ProExtender device and the VigRX and Semenax supplements are proven to be safe and not cause any side effects. As a result, they are endorsed by the medical experts.

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Even a small increase in the size of a man’s penis can lead to major gains when it comes to his sense of self worth and confidence, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that medical researchers have dedicated countless hours, resources and knowledge to the problem. Research has been going on for decades, but there’s finally something real to show for all that effort. You can take advantage and grab all the benefits that the latest medical technology has to offer, because the answer to man’s biggest secret wish is finally here. Introducing the latest in enlargement medical technology: The Pro Extender system!

Throughout human history, several ways to lengthen and enhance particular body parts have emerged and been used time and time again. Several African tribes are using the so called “Traction force” technique in order to permanently enhance their bodies. And while African warriors and kings will use traction force to modify their earlobes or lips, widen the nose or prolong the neck, Pro Extender enables you to do the same thing with the most vital body part!

Harness the secrets of African Witch Doctors with Pro Extender

And while African tribesman have found – maybe by accident – that they can in fact enhance and enlarge certain body parts by steadily applying traction force, modern science has discovered that it also stimulates growth and activates muscle tissues. The positive effects of traction force that ProExtender utilizes have been both time tested and confirmed by modern medical science.

Fortunately, modern medicine utilizes a far perfected and much more sophisticated version of the ancient technique. What scientists have discovered after years of research was that the procedure utilized by ProExtender can not only expand normal, healthy tissue, but also help develop new skin and build muscle mass by steadily and carefully stretching out the tissue. This unique phenomenon is a relative new finding, and ProExtender is the very first product that utilizes it with the goal of penis enhancement.

Find out how European doctors found out the perfect penis enlargement tool.

ProExtender is developed to provide just the right amount of force, thus triggering steady tissue growth. At the same time, it’s very easy to use. Forget about weights and exercises – they are often hard to do, ineffective or just dangerous. ProExtender has been thoroughly tested in laboratory conditions, and it’s proven to be both safe and effective as a penis enhancement tool.

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What is ProExtender?

ProExtender is a complete system, specifically designed to enhance your penis size over time and with use, improve your erection quality, as well as improve the volume and quality of the semen you can produce. It consists of ProExtender device, VigRX male enhancement pills, Semenax Volume Pills and a “Just for Man” CD with exercises.


Is this device safe for use? Will it cause any damage on my penis?

Absolutely not. In fact, not only that it doesn’t cause any damage, but it can also correct the curvatures and straighten your penis. It does not cause any discomfort while worn and no pain. You can wear it practically all day, from morning to evening.


What about the supplements? Do they have any side effects?

Both VigRX and Semenax are time proven supplements, which are not only highly effective, but also safe for use. They do not contain any chemicals or narcotics, but only natural ingredients and are therefore very often recommended by medical experts.


How fast can I see the results?

The supplements will start working practically from day one, as you will feel that your erection has improved drastically. However, the whole system, which also includes its most important part, the ProExtender device, will show its full power after a few weeks or months. For most men, the first results, when it comes to penis enlargement, can be seen after the first week. Of course, the exact number of days of how long you need to use it in order to reach a certain penis length, can’t be said as this depends on the person who is using the ProExtender system and a number of other factors as well.


If I stop using the device, will I revert back to my original penis size?

No. Provided that you use ProExtender System as the manufacturer recommends, which means using the device, daily supplements and the CD and wear the device for about 10 hours every day, the gain will be permanent.


 Apart from the penis length, can the ProExtender device also add to the girth?

Yes, the device will increase not only the length of the penis, but also the girth. In average,     it will increase the length by about 20-25% and the girth by 15-20%.


I don’t want people to see that I am wearing this device under my pants. How do I solve this problem?

You can wear a little looser pants (don’t worry, not too lose), or you can wear trousers and people will not notice that you are wearing this device. Also, you can wear it while you are not active, such as while you are reading a book, watching television or are in front of your computer. You can even wear it at work, if you have a non-physical one.


Where can I order the ProExtender from?

There are a number of places on the Internet that you can order ProExtender from. Just browse the Internet a little.

Penis size is one of the biggest “problems” a man can have. Although it is not something that can be seen on the first look like a big nose, scars or obesity, it can seriously damage a persons self esteem. And yes, most people would like to have bigger penis even if the size of the one they have is adequate. They often think that this is something the women want. A big penis. They are far from truth on this subject. Women do not pick men by the size of their apparatus. I mean, by the time they have the chance to “inspect it”, you two are already preparing to have intercourse. What, you think she is going to get up, take her clothes, get dressed, say something like “sorry, but your penis is to small, so I changed my mind about having sex with you”, and leave? That’s not going to happen. And if it does happen, please don’t bother even getting up or calling her a taxi. She is definitely not worth it.

Like I said, most people just want to have bigger penises because they think it will make them better in bed and so they could impress the women with their size. If you already feel like your penis is not adequately big, don’t listen to other people boasting about the size of their penises. I don’t make a habit of checking this fact, but most of men are exaggerating, especially if they are with some friends and there is a good amount of alcohol involved.

Of course, there are men that do need help in this department. Most people are embarrassed about this fact even though it is nothing to be feel embarrassed about. Many people with this problem consider surgery. This will make your penis larger but it is a lengthy procedure, and it can be quite expensive. Another option is to use one of the penis enlargement systems that are available to men today. This option does not require you to go to the plastic surgeon every couple of month for a new operation on your penis.

One of the most successful penis enlargement systems sold today is ProExtender. ProExtender is one of the many available products that are advertised to help men become the owners of a larger penises. A lot of those product have little to show in terms of success, but ProExtender can show a good improvement in the size of your penis if you give it a chance and stay with it for a couple of month. Of course, ProExtender is not advertised to give instant results, but very soon you will see that buying ProExtender was not a waste of money and time when you begin to perform a lot better in bed than you used to. You will be able to satisfy your partner longer and better and this will bring you a lot of credit in other areas. Who knows, maybe she will even stop bugging you about chores?

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