What is the NVC?

The New Venture Challenge is CU’s cross-campus entrepreneurship championships. It is an entrepreneurial flight simulator, giving the people in the CU community with an interest in starting a business a chance to give it a try while learning about the process through events, workshops, and mentors.

Spend the fall working on your idea, and building your team.  Check out the weekly Ideas Launcher (formerly nLab) co-working sessions at Spark and many of the Silicon Flatirons events to work on your ideas and learn more about entrepreneurship.  The competition culminates in April with the NVC Finals.


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How do I get involved?

The NVC is open to teams with at least one primary member who is a CU-Boulder student, faculty, or staff member. Register to participate HERE.


How do I find teammates and mentors?

  • Register to participate in the NVC and we will connect you with a mentor. Check out the list of our mentors HERE to see if there are any in particular you would like to connect with.
  • Check out the Find A Team page. If you want to connect with the teams, email Andy Evans.
  • Attend Ideas Launcher co-working sessions and many of the other entrepreneurial events around campus. They’re a great place to meet people and talk about your idea.
  • Post on CUSkills website and describe the type of connections you are looking to make.

What track is right for me?

  • Each different track will provide mentors and workshops that are specific to each industry.
  • You can only compete in one track, but can attend events in other tracks if you are interested.
  • Read more about the different tracks here.

How to become a mentor or sponsor NVC?

Become a Mentor

Members of the business and alumni community can support CU’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by serving as a mentor or judge for the NVC. Mentors provide valuable feedback, advice, and personal insight to teams as they go through the NVC.  Each mentor is matched to a team for the duration of the NVC based on need and fit. The mentor and the mentee team structure the relationship. The baseline ask is that mentors have two meetings with their team (typically 1-2 hours per session) between November and March. If you are interested in acting as a mentor, or judging the NVC competitions, please contact Andy Evans.

Sponsor the NVC

Individuals and companies in the entrepreneurial business community can partner with the CU NVC consortium to support the New Venture Challenge. The NVC is successful, in large part, because of the generous gifts from supporters. We are currently looking for sponsors for the NVC 7. If you are interested in supporting entrepreneurship at CU, please contact Andy Evans.